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Gift ideas if you have a stoner mom

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Are you a last-minute gift-giver? Do you struggle to think of something mindful and purposeful? Well, you’re in luck because we have an idea that’s both thoughtful and practical when it comes to celebrating your mom this May 12. After all, a cannabis-inspired endowment is incredibly thrilling if you have a stoner mom and there …

the difference between CBD and THC

How are CBD and THC different?

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Although many people who smoke weed have knowledge of the varying marijuana strains and hybrids, while others may even know the best smoking method to achieve a particular high, most people who relish in Cheech and Chong do not know the difference between CBD and THC. These two primary cannabinoids, that occur naturally in the …

THC infused candy edibles

How to make your own weed candy

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THC infused candy edibles are the ultimate munchie for stoners to indulge in. Whether you prefer sugary lollipops, the tangy taste of gummy bears or the decadent, moist texture of chocolate, these tasty treats offer many medical benefits and are the perfect marijuana replacement for people who don’t enjoy smoking. You’ve probably purchased some candy …

weed strains

Indica vs. Sativa: What’s the difference?

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Whether you’re a first-time pot smoker, a ganja enthusiast, or just someone that enjoys the casual toke of some green Mary Jane, understanding weed and what it has to offer is the first step towards knowing what the right strain is for you. Budtenders often will introduce your dispensary visit with recommendations that are based …

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