Spade – OG Kush Vape Tip

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Made from distillate for the cleanest smoothest high. 510 thread compatible. Works with any standard e-cig battery. No nicotine is used in this, so its quit-smoking friendly. OG Kush flavored. .5ml filled with approx. 40% THC to give you a nice smooth high with a few puffs.

This is a great alternative for the everyday on the go type of smoker that wants the effects of smoking without all the hassle of rolling/smoking. Includes one pre loaded vape pen tip. Just twist on any standard e-cig battery. Lasts approx. 30-100 tokes depending on inhale and size of toke.

Note: If you have a variable voltage battery, please turn down the battery to the lowest setting and go up from there. You CAN burn out the coil, we only recommend pen-type batteries.
Also, we don’t sell refill fluid for any tips.


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