Sour Grape


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This is another SUPERSALE Special. Available in gram, half oz, and oz’s only.


Sour Grape

This medical marijuana strain is a pungent hybrid that was created by crossing the famous bed time indica strain, ‘Granddaddy Purple’ with the most extensively smoked sativa strain, ‘Sour Diesel’. This is often confused with the craft marijuana strain, “Sour Grapes”, which was created by crossing ‘Sour Diesel’ with ‘Grape Ape’. Both these are different from each other and hence, the users who are intending to buy Sour Grape are recommended to inquire about the parent strains while buying. The buds of this plant are quite denser with purple colored undertones all over them. These indica-dominant buds would give the users with a sweet, sour and grapey flavor and would be more or less like that of a candy. The aroma that is being produced by this strain will also be sour in nature. In addition, we would get fuel-like and fruity undertones. The flowers will be chunky and will be covered with a thick layer of frosty natured trichomes. The effects of this strain are found to relax the muscles and would work fine for the users who are fighting muscle tension and stress.
Chrono’s Comments: A nice, sparkling thc on this almost perfectly balanced, slightly sativa dominated strain. Mostly mid to darker green nugs with some purple hues mixed in, with mid sized buds, some larger and xl buds mixed in. Nugs are full, slightly leafy looking but quite dense to touch with some nice stickyness to the nugs, trimmed quite tight with some very minor hand cropped leaves sticking out. Quite fragrant nose, purple kush-like with a hint of fruit, gas, diesel, and earthy are notable scents. Great anytime smoke, maybe after lunch, leaving users with a mild to medium burnout. Burn is decent and somewhat consistent grey-white after light and smooths to a nice finish,  all around winner in the supersale category!



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