Puff the Magic Dragon T-shirt


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Chest (inches)30-3234-3638-4042-4446-4848-50
Waist (inches)28-3030-3232-3333-3436-3840-42
Chest (cm)76-8186-9197-102107-112117-122122-127
Waist (cm)71-7676-8181-8484-8691-97102-107


There’s no clear way to know if the song Puff the Magic Dragon was a based on a mythical re-telling of ancient lore or if someone simply got too high and started to hallucinate, but one thing we can agree on is that this Puff the Magic Dragon weed t-shirt is incredibly awesome in every way.

If you’re a fan of the green stuff, maybe even as much as Puff, wearing this beautifully illustrated Vansterdam weed t-shirt has the power to bring the land of Honalee to life… that’s a part of the iconic 60s song if you missed the reference.

Although the best part about this Puff the Magic Dragon weed t-shirt is all the intricate, stoner-friendly details the dragon is puffing away on his own fire-lit joint, his scales and wings are shaped just like marijuana leaves, he’s sitting on an exhaled cloud of pot smoke and evidently enough he’s green in colour.

You’ll be investing in your very own comfy, conversation starter when you grab yourself a Puff the Magic Dragon weed t-shirt in blue, black or grey.

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