Pink Gas

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Pink Gas

Pink Gas is the perfect strain for all indica lovers. A cross between Bubba Kush and a Pink Kush variant, this strain received its name for its diesel-like aroma and flavour profile. The indica-high provides users with a relaxing and sedating high that is great for treating insomnia and pain. Pink Gas boasts a higher than average THC concentration of 24% and is sure to keep you couch-locked.


Chrono’s Comments: Super sparkling sticky THC on this more indicia leaning hybid strain. Mostly mid green throughout the nugs. Piece size is mostly medium, with some nugs small-med and some large-xl nugs, but fairly consistent medium throughout the bags. Quite dense nugs, that have minimal hand cropped leaves sticking out. Super sticky to touch cure, with a good sticky bag appeal. Super sticky stinky heavy sparkled nugs, leave you wanting more and your buster jammed up from the stick. Very good heavy nose with very heavy kush like smell, gassy/dieselly are smells to expect. Great white-grey burn with an outstanding night time high leaving users with a heavy burnout enough to put you to sleep. Grab this one to have a great sleep, for the end of the night. This falls directly into our Chrono Quad category, grab it while it lasts!

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