OG Eddy Lepp


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OG Eddy Lepp

OG Eddy Lepp is an indica dominant strain that won 2nd place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2013. Even though there is very little known about its genetics, it is incredibly potent. The buds are dense and dark brown with hints of green and orange hairs. The strain has a very woody and earthy aroma along with a tropical taste, which should make it a must try for cannabis users and patients alike. The high is exceptionally good due to its impressive CBD levels. It has calming cerebral effects that will gradually relax your body. However, you will get the urge to stick to your couch all the while feeling extremely euphoric. Additionally, you should not be surprised if you feel creative as it may feel a bit strange at first. Moreover, it would be a good idea to keep some snacks around to counter the munchies. That being said, the strain is equally effective at treating various medical conditions. This is perhaps one of the most important reasons why it has grown in popularity. Patients have been using OG Eddy Lepp to remedy depression, loss of appetite, stress, anxiety, and even chronic pains and aches.


Chrono’s Comments:A nice, sticky, sparkling thc on this perfectly balanced hybrid strain. Mostly bright, shiney medium to darker green nugs throughout with medium to firm density buds that are tight in appearance. Mostly medium sized buds throughout the bags with a few smaller and few larger pieces tossed in. Trim is fairly tight with somewhat shaggy appearance of minimal hand cropped leaves sticking out. Very heavily fragrant nose, OG-like, with gassy, diesel, slightly fruity undertones. Great later day smoke, leaving users with a heavy munchie seeking burnout. Burn is really nice and consistent grey-white after light. A quad contender with a slightly scrappy appearance leaving this at the very top of the Trip category with quad qualities.


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