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A cross between Jack Flash and Blueberry, this sativa dominant strain is an incredibly potent strain hybrid. The name “Django” denotes “I Awake” in the Romani language. Django is a great strain for light smokers who only want a mood lift and are not looking for a heavy relaxation sedative. It will keep users active and energized and give them a light cerebral high. Ideal for those who suffer from muscle spasms and stress, the strain can also cure insomnia, anxiety and nausea. The strain will make you lazy and sleepy as it settles in and will work best as a daytime remedy for those who wish to ease into an afternoon nap. The plant has a heavy yield of dense and vibrant green buds that grow in clusters and are packed with trichomes. The strain has a clean spicy scent reminiscent of freshly ground black pepper. The flavor of the strain is rich and smooth with a hint of earthy taste, like that of herbal tea. A few tokes of Django can offer a mood and confidence boost, mildly relaxing and soothing the nerves at the same time.

Sold in individually wrapped 1 gram packages.


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