Vape Pens

Shop our excellent selection of disposable vape pens. A great alternative to smoking joints, vape pens are convenient and portable, not to mention that in addition to delivering an amazing effect, they look fresh and futuristic! Canadians can buy vape pens, vape pen tips, vape pen batteries, and even vape pen kits on our website.

If you’re looking to buy vape pens of a premium quality in Canada, our C02 extracted Cannatek oils are your best choice, having undergone strict lab analysis. Also, our vape pens use metal-heavy parts instead of cheap plastic, a testament to our focus on quality.

Vape pens are excellent options for those looking for satisfying inhalation and hand-to-mouth action of smoking joints without the smoke and inconvenience of rolling them. Since they release vapor instead of smoke, the smell dissipates quickly, making them very practical for on-the-go customers.

When you buy vape pens in Canada through The Chrono, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the highest quality products at unbeatable prices.

Showing 1–48 of 63 results

Showing 1–48 of 63 results