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How do hemp-infused topicals affect the body?

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While the effects of weed have a wide-range range, anywhere between subtle and dramatic, there are always inventive and intuitive consumption methods to appease the non-tokers. In fact, the notion that getting high is the only way that your mind and body can benefit from cannabis is a misleading concept that is quickly fading away …

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Stocking stuffer ideas for stoners

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There’s a warm glow of red, white and GREEN twinkling lights that are starting to charmingly radiate off every building and street lamp post. There’s a subtle smell of fresh pine, the roasted aroma of fire-roasted chestnuts and the fruity fragrance of spicy, mulled wine lingering in the air. In case you’re just too stoned …

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Weed Lovers

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Valentine’s Day is here, and whether you’ve got a partner or you’re single and trying to impress someone new, we’ve got you covered. Check out these excellent weed gift ideas for this upcoming February 14. Vape Pens We’ve got everything you could imagine in stock here, so whatever your special someone craves, you can deliver. …

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