first time smoking pot

5 tips for first-time pot smokers

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Since recreational cannabis was legalized last October the result was the budding of many inexperienced smokers. So, if you’re a doobie newbie and this is your first time smoking before you go out seeking any surreal experiences, extraordinary encounters or simply joining the first puff, puff, pass circle you see, we recommend that you read …

cannabis-infused accessories

Must-have cannabis-infused accessories for any camping trip

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There is no better way to celebrate the amazing summer heat then to disappear into nature with a big ol’ bag of weed, some good friends and a durable camping tent. Since the idea of escaping into the woods for your Labour Day weekend pretty much means disconnecting yourself from reality, it’s probably a good …

cannabis concentrate

What is a Cannabis Concentrate?

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One of the many amazing things, when you buy weed online, is that you have access to a multitude of consumption methods. Online stores sell standard pot products like herb and edibles, but they also sell less common options like concentrates. Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis concentrates and how they differ from …

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