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Are you hankering for a healthier weed option?

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While there’s no arguing that cannabis has proven to have an endless list of medical benefits — treatment for chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, epileptic seizures and various forms of cancer — there are still some concerns about the potential risk of developing respiratory issues from smoke inhalation. While marijuana contains far fewer chemical additives …

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Why is April 20th known as ‘Weed Day’?

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Are you interested in learning about the origins of the best day for the year for marijuana enthusiasts? While there are a few rumours and clouded memories that have been floating around about the source of the popular, weed-friendly holiday, it’s still unknown for sure as to who actually came up with this iconic stoner …

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3 weed strains for chilling out on cold days

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With increasing periods of rain, wind and possibly even snowstorms, your urge to curl up indoors with a joint in hand and avoid the final winter elements is probably rising. That’s why it’s important to stay cooped up with a plethoric stash of weed strains that’ll make it more bearable to remain at home. So, …

What are some of our top-selling marijuana concentrates on thechrono.ca?

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If you’re a stoner who prefers the intensity of marijuana concentrates or if you’ve been simply wanting to try something new, perhaps getting familiar with our wide assortment of oils, shatters and budders would entice you enough to actually try one of these delicious extracts. After all, there’s always an innovative way to refine your …

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