marijuana concentrates for sale

What are marijuana concentrates and how do they differ?

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Most stoners begin their euphoric experience using various strains of herb. While smokable bud has an enticing high for the mind and body, there is a variety of marijuana concentrates that have the ability to heighten more seasoned users’ experiences. So, if you’ve been looking for a way to refine your cannabis method of consumption, …

first time smoking pot

5 tips for first-time pot smokers

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Since recreational cannabis was legalized last October the result was the budding of many inexperienced smokers. So, if you’re a doobie newbie and this is your first time smoking before you go out seeking any surreal experiences, extraordinary encounters or simply joining the first puff, puff, pass circle you see, we recommend that you read …

weed strains

3 best weed strains for chilling out on cold days

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With increasing periods of rain, wind and possibly even snowstorms, your urge to curl up indoors with the best weed strains in hand and avoid the final winter elements is probably rising. That’s why it’s important to stay cooped up with a plethoric stash of the strongest weed strains that’ll make it more bearable to …

store your cannabis

How to properly store your weed

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To all the novice pot smokers out there that are curious about the proper way to store your cannabis, this little guide is packed full (just like your bong) of useful tips and methods to consider. After all, isn’t keeping your green fresh, potent and smokable one of the most important rules of stonerism? That …

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