cannabis-infused accessories

Must-have cannabis-infused accessories for any camping trip

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There is no better way to celebrate the amazing summer heat then to disappear into nature with a big ol’ bag of weed, some good friends and a durable camping tent. Since the idea of escaping into the woods for your Labour Day weekend pretty much means disconnecting yourself from reality, it’s probably a good …

THC infused candy edibles

How to make your own weed candy

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THC infused candy edibles are the ultimate munchie for stoners to indulge in. Whether you prefer sugary lollipops, the tangy taste of gummy bears or the decadent, moist texture of chocolate, these tasty treats offer many medical benefits and are the perfect marijuana replacement for people who don’t enjoy smoking. You’ve probably purchased some candy …

weed in Vancouver

Vansterdam: A stoner’s guide to visiting Vancouver

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It’s no secret that the city of Vancouver, CA., also known as VanCity or Vansterdam, welcomes stoners with open arms. Although marijuana will be legal in a few short months, Vancouver has always possessed a chill, laid back vibe when it comes to smoking green. Below are a few weed-friendly hotspots for any stoner’s visiting …

weed legalization

What can Canada learn from Uruguay legalizing weed?

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As the countdown to weed legalization in Canada continues to excite long-time advocates and recreational users, it is important time to reflect on what can be learned when it comes to legalizing Marijuana. Uruguay became the world’s first country to legalize cannabis when pharmacies started selling the product to consumers last summer and although there …

weed infused beer

Molson Coors is looking to create bud infused beers

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Happy International Beer Day! Today is a day for beer lovers everywhere to indulge in a frosty cold one and maybe even try a new recipe — weed infused beer. With only a few months left until Marijuana becomes legal all across the country, Denver-based Molson Coors Brewing Co. is looking to take advantage of …

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