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Cannabis-Friendly Destinations Around The World

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One of the fascinating things about traveling is that you get to catch a glimpse of cultures that are wildly different than your own. That being said, it’s always refreshing when you notice one of your own customs being practiced in another part of the world. That’s especially true when that mutual custom is the …

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with These Heavenly Strains

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March 17 brings green outfits, green drinks, and green-themed parties. Given all that, we strongly encourage you to indulge in the finest green attainable this St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you’re looking to put on a buzz before heading out to the Irish pub or get stoned out of your mind and stay in, we’ve got …

How CBD Helps With Psychological and Physical Aspects of Anxiety

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While it’s utterly normal and even expected to sense some feelings of stress and anxiousness in certain high-intensity situations (for instance a super-important job interview, or a super-important date), the issue with anxiety really begins when we experience way too many tension-packed situations in a short period of time. These connected events can cause us …

Differences Between Eating and Smoking Weed

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Whether you’re smoking a little pot or chowing down on some edibles, you’re going to have a fantastic time getting high. That being said, there are several distinct differences between eating and smoking weed. Whether you consume edibles or marijuana buds can markedly affect your experience. Depending on what you want to achieve out of …

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